Have you considered avoidance? In my somewhat “off grid” experiments with Wyoming this fall, I am changing my approach to her education away from the direct pressure paradigm and trying to lead her mind and emotions by guiding instead of driving. I am finding myself yet again back at the basics with this mare. LastContinue reading “Avoidance”

I don’t JUST…

I have been re-inspired recently with the concept of brace in horses. I am seeing in a fresh way that if we are willing to look, the layers of brace in even the simple things we do with horses hold practically infinite opportunity. I am taken by the fractal nature of it… astounded how theContinue reading “I don’t JUST…”

Am I safe? (conclusion)

In part 1 and part 2 of Am I Safe? I wrote about some observations and questions that connect to conversations I’ve been listening to around the neurological system and healing. Hopefully in the wrap up below (part 3) I can give some thoughts on what we can do with these questions. First the elephant…Continue reading “Am I safe? (conclusion)”

Am I safe? (part 1)

I have asked myself the question of why I have seen a horse on multiple occasions move into a home better suited to its needs and watched the horse go from not particularly thriving (meaning none of the horses were in peak physical condition at the transfer) to pretty seriously ill or lame… broken downContinue reading “Am I safe? (part 1)”

Equine Love Languages

Do you know your horse’s love languages? In relationship counseling, there is a concept about the five love languages (website inspired by the book by Gary Chapmans) where we see that if a couple has different love languages they can be telling each other just how much they love each other, and yet not receivingContinue reading “Equine Love Languages”

The Return of Hope

If I would have known this would have happened, I probably would not have made the trip. I stopped for gas two hours in on a three hour trailer haul. It was June 1 and the morning was getting hot the farther I got from the mountains. I half didn’t want to know, but IContinue reading “The Return of Hope”

I’m not asking.

In my last blog [Sacred Cow BBQ] I wrote about the decision to honor Khaleesi’s choice to say “No thank you” to my plans for the day. I think it was the first time ever I came with a plan then completely abandoned it and left when she walked away from me a few times.Continue reading “I’m not asking.”

Sacred Cow BBQ

Danny Silk in his book Culture of Honor explains that coming to place of real transformation is hard for most people because one cannot do it without a sacred cow BBQ. Just last week I went to the barn early with a limited timeline and a plan to take a mountain walk for both theContinue reading “Sacred Cow BBQ”

Hopes & Dreams

May 1, 2022 If I am being completely transparent, I do not have all the answers. In fact, as things tend to go, the longer I live the more I realize the less I know. In case I ever thought I had something going for me on my own, I was given a gift thatContinue reading “Hopes & Dreams”

The Illusion of Choice

I ran into a friend recently who asked: are you riding a lot lately? I had to answer honestly: no. Oddly I felt like I had to clarify the answer to explain, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time with the horses, but no… I’m not riding. I have pressed into a season whereContinue reading “The Illusion of Choice”