Hi! I’m Jaime

Unlike many great horsemen and women, I didn’t grow up around horses my entire life. In fact my deep dive into equine passion came as an adult when I moved to a rural community in the Virginia Mountains in 2007.

After leasing then owning my first horse I decided to go deeper, and inspired by the non-violent example of Monty Roberts I decided to start my next horse myself: Ireland’s Khaleesi. K was born in a local field to a semi-feral herd of horses and was unhandled when I took her on at age 4; I wanted to learn what goes into making a real equine partner. For better and worse, mistakes and successes I came to love the process.

Khaleesi and I are in a journey to the single-day 100 mile endurance ride. Currently a “50 mile horse” as we work on the long range distances of endurance we dive into anything that will broaden our experiences and teach us how to learn together: liberty work, dressage, working equitation, jumping, chasing cows, and of course trail riding are all things we have explored.

Meanwhile I wanted to learn as much as I could about the language of horses so I adopted a “native speaker” as my teacher and Wyoming the Mustang Mare has been quite an adventure into horsemanship and learning about myself. She was wild until at least age 2 and had a rough start into the human world. She has come with some challenges that continue to teach me great patience.

The newest member of the herd is lovely Hope the rescue quarter horse mare. She is a joint project with my assistant and friend Iva and will likely become her horse when we have worked through some of the kinks she has mentally/emotionally and her health comes into full bloom.

Hope horsemanship exists to encourage others to explore a deeper level of communication, connection and relationship with their horses. I hope more friends will join me in the journey believing the same thing I did those years ago when I thought to myself: There has got to be more….

Indeed… there is so much more!

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