Better Connection With Your Horse

In the time you already spend together


Spending time with horses is unique to most other animals. Once we feel a connection to these wonderful creatures something in us yearns for more. Having a horse companion of our own is an amazing gift, yet many people find like most relationships that once we have an equine partner of our own — the wonder and excitement can get lost in the every day routine and even more, sometimes things don’t work out the way we hoped or planned.

The best relationships are built on clear communication, mutual trust, and increasing freedom. I have spent years seeking a path that would press into the limits of these with horses. My vision for Hope Horsemanship is to help you find the right questions leading to pathways with your own horses to make every moment an opportunity to communicate and build connection.

The best thing about working with horses is what they can teach us about ourselves. It isn’t about finding answers but about finding ways to move forward, growing and improving as we learn and grow together.

I feel more connected to Dimitri than I did even a few days ago, and I have some pretty cool new ideas to working with him at home!

Madison (Dimitri)

I’m glad I had Jaime as a coach the last year… I’m so grateful for her voice in my head. I have so much more confidence.

Brandea (Molly)

I feel like we got more than I ever would have ever expected from the sessions in learning how to continue building my relationship with him- not just getting him to do what I want him to do, but a line of communication where now we’re linked. We aren’t just two separate things but we understand each other and now I can build toward. That’s a real relationship.

Rainey (Maximus)

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