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Have Mercy on Me

Yesterday things didn’t go as planned. At all. I had a 22 mile training ride and we embarked up the mountain. I thought that climb up little mare would be the hardest part- but continuing onward out of trappers lodge the next few miles were a tangled mess that I had to hike through andContinue reading “Have Mercy on Me”

Alternate Universe

So far my greatest teacher has been my mustang mare Wyoming. I’m a “goal oriented” type and tend to be good at moving forward toward progress. Of course our greatest strengths can also be our greatest weaknesses; with Khaleesi, this goal setting personality and refusal to quit the relentless march toward progress paid off. IContinue reading “Alternate Universe”

Failing Forward

Originally Published April 19, 2021 Hope and Iva are doing fantastic. They took their first solo ride on the property last week. The plans for Hope were somewhat loose at first, and I am pleased that instead of me doing the work to bring Hope around to a new way of life, I’ve been ableContinue reading “Failing Forward”

Hope & Iva’s First Ride

Originally Posted January 15, 2021 Hope has had a few weeks to settle in. The rain rot scabs on her topline have healed nicely, she’s had a full treatment of gut health by Basic Equine Health ( as big changes are likely to cause stress on the digestive system leading to potential ulcers. She isContinue reading “Hope & Iva’s First Ride”

Welcome Hope!

As we launch a new website and a new begin with a new year right around the corner, what better way to tie it all together than a new horse! Welcome Hope, the first rehab horse for Hope Horsemanship. Hope is a 14 year old quarter horse mare with experience in barrel racing and riding lesson work.Continue reading “Welcome Hope!”

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