Alternate Universe

So far my greatest teacher has been my mustang mare Wyoming. I’m a “goal oriented” type and tend to be good at moving forward toward progress. Of course our greatest strengths can also be our greatest weaknesses; with Khaleesi, this goal setting personality and refusal to quit the relentless march toward progress paid off. IContinue reading “Alternate Universe”

The Hope Horsemanship Herd Move

Originally Published April 5, 2021 I hope you are all enjoying whatever spring looks like in your area. The end of winter for us was a bit cold, windy, icy and more indoor than outdoor for the humans, but spring brings sunshine and new growth. It also brings an entirely new opportunity to the HopeContinue reading “The Hope Horsemanship Herd Move”

Hope & Iva’s First Ride

Originally Posted January 15, 2021 Hope has had a few weeks to settle in. The rain rot scabs on her topline have healed nicely, she’s had a full treatment of gut health by Basic Equine Health ( as big changes are likely to cause stress on the digestive system leading to potential ulcers. She isContinue reading “Hope & Iva’s First Ride”