At Hope Horsemanship we aren’t about becoming a horse whisperer but helping you learn to better understand your horse. When you can enter their world, learn their language and hear their needs you will find they become more connected to you and more willing to work together.

The ESL (Equine as a Second Language) program can show you the keys to better understanding of horses, their language, and the way they think.

Located near the line between Highland and Bath County, VA, Jaime offers an opportunity for anyone — from seasoned riders to those who have never been around a horse — who would like to experience being integrated with a small horse herd to connect with these sensitive and majestic creatures.

The Bath County VA area is stunning and remote and worth a visit, consider planning a weekend trip! Get out of the city and we can help you coordinate local housing from small inns to quaint B&Bs, contact for dates and availability.

Want help better understanding and communicating with your own horses and out of the area? Drop an email and we will work out a way to help!

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